Visual Stimulus Cards

Ensure your baby’s healthy visual development with these Visual Stimulus Cards. It comes in a pack of four different sets of cards for the different stages of your baby’s growth. The Black & White cards with basic contrasting patterns are for 0-4 months old babies to stimulate their eyesight and visual sensitivity. For the second stage of 4-12 months old babies, primary colors are added to the cards to develop their color perception. For the solar sensitive period of 12-24 months, the first phase of color flash cards are used to improve their cognitive skills and the ability to differentiate. The fourth set of cards are for the last stage of 24-36 months to further strengthen their visual space sense, logical thinking ability and develop communication power.

● Double Sided
● Waterproof Coating 
● Eco-Friendly
● Length: ​​5.5 inches (14.5cm)
● Width: 5.5 inches (14.5cm)

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