Matchstick Memory Game

This handy, travel-ready game of concentration brings family and friends together anywhere and anytime! For your child though, it is also a fun way to improve their memory, enhance their pattern of recall, and increase their retention of information. And in playing and spending time with their loved ones, they are not only building their social interaction, they are also honing their fine motor skills, counting-sorting habits, and color cognition.

How to Play: Roll the dice and attempt to find the stick with the corresponding color. If you get a stick with a matching color, keep the stick and roll again. If you pull one with a color that does not match, put the stick back before having the next person go. The one with the most sticks at the end, when the board is clear, wins.

● Material: Wood
● Smooth Edges
● Diameter: 6.5 inches (17cm)
● Height: 1 inch (2.5cm)

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