5 Skills Every Child Needs to Develop

Before you know it, the baby you hold in your arms will go on to crawl, walk, talk, and amaze you in ways you never imagined. You can help your child make their way toward success even in their earliest days and onward by strengthening certain skills at home.

These skills won’t just make them more cooperative around the house. They’ll grow up with everything they need to thrive as an adult someday. For now, you can make these things fun with the use of educational toys.

You’ll help your child develop the following 5 skills:

1. Teamwork

It might only be you and your tot home during the day, but the earlier you engage your child in teamwork, the better off they’ll be. Work together to teach the art of teamwork on a puzzle or other task. Invite another mom and child over for a playdate and encourage an activity that gets the kids working together. You can even dole out age-appropriate chores to your little ones who will learn that your family is a team, and they’ll want to help that team be a success.

2. Adaptability

Adaptability is one of the most important skills because plenty of grownups seem to lack this precious commodity. It could be something as simple as showing your child how to use their imagination to get things done. You could hand them basic items like the cardboard from a paper towel roll and show them how to use it as a telescope. It’s basically how to make lemonade from lemons, by not trapping the mind with limitations.

3. Problem Solving

Blocks and puzzles are great ways to teach children how to solve problems. While it’s fun to let them just play around and try to work it out, posing scenarios for these things can help them look for even better ways of solving the problem. If you ask your child to build a house from blocks that will fit their toy elephant or a car, it gives them something to work for that is specific and strengthens this important skill.

4. Self-Control

Every child goes through moments where they throw down with a tantrum. Whether they don’t want to go to bed yet or are angry their sibling got something they didn’t, showing kids how to express their emotions is key. Remember, it’s okay for them to have these feelings, just like you do, but teaching them effective expression is what they need.

5. Memory

Memory development is very important for kids so they can recall useful information and use it. Things like directions and rules as well as completing tasks that require multiple steps will all benefit from helping your child develop memory. Fortunately, there are many toys and games that make remembering fun!

For kids, making learning fun is the best way to go. When kids feel like they’re having a good time, they’ll stick to these skills and learn even more new ones along the way.

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